Tuesday, November 2, 2010

why ?

yes,why? no more bullshit nor rubbish talk now
nowadays a lot of natural disasters happen
recently a tornado just hit PERLIS
my god it really shocked me
there's never been a case of tornadoes in Malaysia before
this is the first time i think..
and this time
we screwed up really bad

earth is totally mad at us
why? because these so called people are doing sins all over the place
it's not like i'm saying that i've never commit a sins at all
but just we need to remember
the earth is part of us too
the chemistry between earth and human started since the rendezvous of "Adam" and "Hawa"
if we are doing sins,not only us
the earth also will pay the consequences

right now
the earth is dying now
and sooner or later the time will come
when the earth is tired to bare the consequences from our mistakes
then it is time for us,human
to cry...
at that time
it didn't even worth a penny anymore...

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